Underwater Yacht Maintenance

Our professional dive teams are available for any underwater yacht maintenance, whether you need barnacle removal, zinc replacement, propeller repair and replacement or any other submerged maintenance to your yacht or dock, one call is all that is necessary.

Once our initial inspection and service has been completed our dive teams can perform regular monthly or scheduled maintenance to insure your running smooth with a clean hull.


Barnacle Removal and Boat Bottom Cleaning for Underwater Yacht Maintenance

cleaning2We all know barnacles can be a drag, so its important to keep them off your hull. Hull cleaning improves the efficiency of your yacht, allowing it to run faster, saving gas and take stress away from the owner and integral boat parts, thereby increasing their life span. Barnacle removal and boat bottom cleaning is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, so make sure you choose a company you can trust and rely on. We’ve been in business for just under 40 years and have the best reputation in the market.

Boat Zinc Replacement

Underwater zinc replacement (or anode replacement) is also essential to prevent corrosion of important boat parts. Our divers will check and remove your boat zincs as and when necessary, or on a schedule selected by you.

Prop Repair and Replacement

Many drive problems can be solved with good underwater boat maintenance, debris can get caught around your props that than needs to be removed, or more seriously your propellers may be damaged and need to be repaired. Call on our professional divers for propeller removal and we’ll have your props repaired, balanced and replaced, saving you huge amounts of money involved in hauling your yacht to check the condition of the bottom.