PropSpeed Application

What is PropSpeed? PropSpeed Application are protective slippery coating that, when applied correctly to props and shafts, will minimize salt water scaling and maximize performance enhancing fuel efficiency. PropSpeed is used on the props and shafts instead of anti-fouling paint and can be applied after propeller reconditioning.

PropSpeed and Barnacle Busters

Barnacle Busters is proud to be an authorized PropSpeed facility. We have undergone the specialized training needed to properly apply the PropSpeed coating to ensure maximum coating life.


PropSpeed Application System Performance

Our team is constantly told by boat-owners from around the Palm Beach area that by using the PropSpeed on their boat’s running gear increases their speed and reduces their fuel consumption. Loss of performance is felt mostly in speed boats.  This is why Barnacle Busters recommends a PropSpeed application if you feel that your boat is not performing at its best.

Environmental Benefits

Using the PropSpeed Application system, you are considering the environment.  PropSpeed contains no biocides, copper or tin. It works because it’s slick, not because it’s toxic.