It’s hurricane season! A statement that does not really need stating after Hurricane Irma graced Florida with its presence earlier this month. Hurricane season really puts a damper on boating, but once you get through it you will find yourself back on the water in no time. How do you get through it though? Long time boat owners in Florida are used to the extra maintenance that comes with the hurricane season, but if you are new it can be stressful trying to prepare for a storm. So how do you care for your boat before and after a hurricane? You are about to find out!


You have invested in a boat. It is a glorious and fun filled investment that is sure to make an appearance in a majority of any future memories. In order for you to have those memories, however, it must survive a hurricane. Here are a few tips in helping you hold on to your newly acquired vessel:

  • Prepare: Prep your boat by locking the windows, doors, hatches, and fittings that open to the outside and secure them well. Be sure to inspect the seals to be sure your boat is impermeable! Empty any sewage holding tanks, turn off all utilities, pump the bilges, and clean the boat filters so that any excess water can drain out.
  • Storage: Find a secure location to store your boat. Not everyone has boat storage on their property, so look for storage units or marinas that are able. Check that any marina you choose is built to endure a hurricane.


  • Inspect: Thoroughly inspect your boat to make sure there isn’t any damage. If you spot any damage be sure and file a claim with your insurance to report any damages.

Boat ownership is a privilege that is accompanied by a lot of maintenance, but it is well worth it! Don’t let hurricane season spoil your fun!