10 Things You Never Knew About the Barnacles Under Your Boat

Existing in multitude in our oceans, they cling to the any strong surface with vigor and purpose. Holding steadfast in defiance to the hulls of our vessels with little regard to consequence, barnacles have solidified their reputation as a maritime menace. How much thought, however, have you put into this oceanic creature plaguing your vessel [...]

How to Care For Your Boat – Before & After a Hurricane

It’s hurricane season! A statement that does not really need stating after Hurricane Irma graced Florida with its presence earlier this month. Hurricane season really puts a damper on boating, but once you get through it you will find yourself back on the water in no time. How do you get through it though? Long [...]

The Importance Of Zinc Anodes In Boats & When To Change Them

When two different types of metal are electrically or physically connected, and then immersed in seawater, the metal becomes a battery. Some form of electrical current is now flowing through this battery. Electrons that created this current are powered by one of the metals giving up it’s metal ions to the ocean water. This process [...]

Benefits of PropSpeed Application

If you own a boat, you most likely have endured barnacles attaching to the propeller of your vessel. Many mariners opt to ignore this issue, but doing so may lag the speed of your boat and subsequently burn a considerable amount of fuel. Fortunately for you, PropSpeed is the most effective way to keep your [...]

Protecting Your Vessel with Underwater Yacht Maintenance

Have you invested your hard-earned money on a beautiful yacht?  If so, why not protect that investment with underwater yacht maintenance?  Today, we are going to learn more about this helpful service and why you should think about having it done.  You just might be surprised at how many benefits can result from routine vessel [...]

The Benefits of Underwater Prop Repair

One of the most important parts of any boat is the propeller. Keeping your props in perfect working order is very important. A damaged prop can slow you down and cause additional damage to your vessel.  Today, we are going to learn the benefit of underwater prop repair and what it can mean for your [...]

The Benefits of Boat Bottom Cleaning in Jupiter

During the winter months, many people in Jupiter Florida still enjoy getting out on the water.  But some store their boats for the season and stay on shore.  Getting your boat prepared for storage is a very important process that can protect your investment.  Today we are going to learn the many benefits of boat [...]

Benefits of Underwater Boat Cleaning

Keeping your boat clean is a great way to prolong the life of your vessel.  While you probably do a wonderful job of cleaning the topside of your boat the bottom half might be a different story.  Underwater boat cleaning can be a difficult process and almost impossible if you don’t have the right equipment.  [...]

Scuba Diving Boat Cleaners

Do you own a boat but you simply had to clean it?  If not, you are not alone.  Many boat owners simply don’t have the time to clean the bottoms of their boats.  But not cleaning your vessel can cause some major issue and reduce your overall speed.  Today we are going to learn about [...]

The Benefits of Underwater Hull Cleaning

Do you own a yacht or large boat that stays in the water most of the year?  If so, then you probably have barnacle buildup on the bottom of your vessel.  This annoying problem can really cause you major issues if not dealt with properly.  Today we are going to learn several benefits of underwater [...]