If you own a boat, you most likely have endured barnacles attaching to the propeller of your vessel. Many mariners opt to ignore this issue, but doing so may lag the speed of your boat and subsequently burn a considerable amount of fuel. Fortunately for you, PropSpeed is the most effective way to keep your vessel operating at maximum capacity. PropSpeed is a slippery coating that when applied to props and shafts will curtail the risk of saltwater scaling and bonding of marine growth.

A vessel’s propeller functions at peak performance when it is not impeded by the manifestation of barnacles. These organisms adhere to propellers as they do to the hull and produce similar negative effects including performance decline and substantial fuel consumption. Overheating and emergent engine failure may also occur as a result. Due to this, boats may also become prone to cavitation, where the propeller becomes so tainted that it releases air bubbles into the funnel. Incidentally, rapid, undesirable vibration could potentially occur causing increased wear on the critical engine and drivetrain parts. This could incite a massive increase in maintenance cost. So once you notice the first sign of barnacle buildup on your propeller, it is crucial that you take immediate action to rectify the problem with PropSpeed. The smooth, permeable coat of PropSpeed is uniquely designed to prevent barnacles from fastening to any metal surface on your vessel.

Boat owners have attributed ten percent fuel savings and increases of up to three knots in speed to PropSpeed application. PropSpeed makes it difficult for hard marine life to encrust propellers or shafts, as it is unable to adhere to the coating and slides off whenever the running gear is initiated. Incidentally, PropSpeed is eco-friendly. Other solutions may introduce increased levels of pernicious environmental hazards, such as biocides, tin or copper into the water. PropSpeed is not toxic and does not contain any harmful pollutants. With PropSpeed, you are not only guaranteeing the efficiency of your vessel, but you are also ensuring that the waters you sail on remain unbesmirched. By excluding the harmful chemicals that invade our oceans today, PropSpeed is contributing to the pavement of a healthier, greener future.

It is imperative that you place your trust in a reputable PropSpeed applicator, as when it is performed correctly, your vessel can reap the benefits of optimized fuel efficiency, higher speeds, and improved longevity. Barnacle Busters takes tremendous pride in being a certified PropSpeed facility. For over thirty years, our team of experienced and certified divers has specialized in servicing vessels across Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin Counties. Our offices are primed and ready Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM to service your boat at your dock or marina. Our emergency services are also available around the clock to account for your weekend and after hour needs.